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Research Centres

In keeping with our dedication to excellence, Manchester Global School is committed to offering world-class education in the K-12 range as well as to establishing centres for higher education research and training. These centres will act as a focal point for ground-breaking research and outstanding teaching, greatly enhancing the field of education

iCERi - International Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

iCERi will serve as a hub for research and development focused on enhancing education quality and its delivery at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The facility will serve as an energetic environment for investigating cutting-edge pedagogies, methods for training teachers, and the use of virtual technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, into education. Our research efforts aim to attain educational excellence and long-lasting improvement in the general wellbeing and development of our students with an emphasis on areas like assessments, feedback systems, student advancement, mental health, and educational leadership.

The centre has encouraged partnerships with prestigious educational institutions around the world to accomplish these goals. We will provide thorough training programmes in a variety of disciplines through these collaborations, covering curriculum design, pedagogical approaches, quality improvement, technology-enabled learning, and educational leadership. We will make sure that our research discoveries and training programmes are at the forefront of educational innovation by utilising the knowledge and assets of our worldwide network

*Upcoming CBSE Curriculum

VYASSA - Vedic Yoga And Sanskrit Studies Academy

Rooted in tradition yet relevant to the modern world, VYASSA is dedicated to conducting research and delivering comprehensive education in the ancient Vedic knowledge, the transformative principles of Yoga, and the captivating study of Sanskrit language and literature. Our academy emphasises the connectivity of the body, mind, and spirit by delving into both the academic underpinnings and practical practise of traditional yoga. We seek to empower people to live peaceful, balanced lives in today's fast-paced society through our teachings and practices. Unlocking the depths of Vedic knowledge and demonstrating its pervasive relevance in modern times is one of VYASSA's primary goals. We help people to fully comprehend this ages-old knowledge and use its insights to successfully navigate the difficulties of the current world by encouraging research and providing an immersive learning environment.

Furthermore, at VYASSA, we nurture the study of Sanskrit, a language of unparalleled richness and historical importance. Through our courses and programmes, students can delve into the profound literature, ancient texts, and philosophical ideas encapsulated within the Sanskrit language, fostering a deep appreciation for its cultural heritage