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At Manchester School, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience that nurtures and empowers each child. As an International K-12 School, we are proud to offer a unique blend of Indian educational ethos and global best practices.

Our motto, Vidyā Jñānam Prajña (Education. Knowledge. Wisdom), encapsulates our philosophy of empowering students with a well-rounded education that goes beyond academics.



To be a world-class institution of excellence through the creation and dissemination of knowledge by educators with a core commitment to learning and the holistic growth of students.


Growing leaders for society and industry

We achieve this by imparting a holistic education that develops value-based pioneers in an environment of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship through state-of-the-art learning infrastructure and committed educators.

Our team of highly successful global professionals, led by Dr. Kondal Reddy Kandadi, PhD MBE, will bring a wealth of expertise in education, technology, and infrastructure development. To create a truly international learning environment, we believe it is important to hire the best people from around the world.

Our core focus areas include

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Team and Leadership
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Communication Skills and Influencing
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Entrepreneurship and Industriousness
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Learning for Life
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Character Development and Holistic Well-being

We will strive to instil these qualities in our students, equipping them with the skills and values they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. We are proud to offer both - the International Integrated Curriculum and National Curriculum syllabus,allowing our students to choose the educational path that best suits their aspirations and goals. At MGS, we are committed to creating a recognizable brand that is based on our beliefs and key capabilities.

Our cutting-edge learning and teaching environment combines use of modern technologies, cutting-edge sports and learning facilities, wellness services, and transportation options. We are dedicated to establishing an environment that is both motivating and nurturing so that each kid can flourish and realise their full potential.