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At Manchester School, we are dedicated to offering a dynamic Curriculum that will help students succeed in a rapidly changing world. We are carefully crafting our curriculum by combining the esteemed CBSE Curriculum frameworks, offering our students a truly enriching educational experience.

Proposed CBSE Curriculum*

The CBSE Curriculum will form an integral part of our academic offerings, ensuring a strong foundation for our students. Our teachers will follow the guidelines set by CBSE Curriculum, which prioritise the mastery of subjects and the application of learned skills. Through interactive sessions and practical learning opportunities, we will foster a deep understanding of concepts and encourage students to think critically and creatively.

Our focus on teacher training and innovative teaching methodologies will ensure that students receive an exceptional academic experience.

At Manchester School, our blended curriculum will empower students to develop a breadth of knowledge, critical skills, and a global perspective.

*Upcoming CBSE Curriculum